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 Want a beta?  Need a beta?  Be a beta?  Here is your post! 

If you're interested in beta-ing for others, please comment on this post with the following template:

Way of contact (i.e. e-mail):
Willing Ships/ratings/etc:

This will be easy for those who are in need of a beta to just look through comments and pinpoint someone who would be useful for them!


Prompt Submissions

 Here is the process for submitting a prompt:
1. Come up with an idea that could be used as a prompt.  Prompt ideas can range from “Harry and Ginny’s wedding” to “Severus Snape as a boy during Christmas.” Whatever you come up with, post it! Any slash, het, AUs, crossovers… you name it!

2. Comment with your prompt. Actually, comment with prompts if that’s what you come up with! The more, the better! Feel Free to come back later with more!